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NYK9 Bedbug Pre-Inspection Checklist
What you need to do prior to a visit from Inspector Jeter

  • The customer opens all doors to rooms to allow for the most efficient access by the K9 team.
  • The K9 handler will first assess the area to be searched.
  • Any pets need to be removed to an area not involved in the inspection.
  • Toys of any sort, pet food and water needs to be non-accessible to our K9 Inspector.
  • Remove any potpourri, deodorizers, air fresheners, etc at least 2 hours prior to the inspection. 
  • Close all the windows and outside doors to minimize draft at least 2 hours prior to the inspection.
  • Each room must be as clutter free as possible to ensure the highest detailed inspection. 
  • Noise and human distraction needs to be minimized to create the most effective inspection environment for our K9 team.
  • Air conditioners, heaters, ceiling fans need to be turned off  30 minutes prior to NY-K9's arrival. 
  • Extinguish all smoking and cooking materials within the whole area 2 hours prior to in-house inspection (Our K9 team will perform at the highest possible accuracy rate once these conditions are met).
  • A K9 inspection cannot take place if there have been pesticide applications to the inspection area within the last 30 days.  
  • The handler may refuse a search of a given area if the above steps are not followed or the K9 Inspector's safety is at risk.
  • Additional fees may apply if a re-inspection is required due to lack of preparation.


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